ShimmerBaby Mermaids Shoot by Chris David Photography

Shimmerbaby Mermaids Shoot

A shoot for Shimmerbaby Mermaids taken during a late June winter afternoon in Sydney. We only had about 90mins for the shoot once on location and several elements against us including light, time, freezing temperatures, and cold breeze – way too cold to get the models in the water or wet. We ended picking out…

BTS Mandy Heng Catalogue Shoot

Fashion Catalogue Shoot for Mandy Heng Clothing line SS11/12 Behind The Scenes Video (BTS) Shot using a Canon 1DsMIII with 70-200mm L IS lens. Lighting using a Paul Buff 86″ PLM with Hyandai Ace Neos (RimeLite), Canon 580/550EX Speedlites & 60cm Foldable strobist softbox. Designer: Mandy Heng Hair & Makeup: Amanda Johnson Model:…

Chris David Photography, Model: Audrey leliege, Photographer: Ch

BTS Audreys Portfolio Shoot

A behind the scenes video of portfolio photoshoot with Audrey in 2010  . Shooting on a dull overcast and rainy day give you a very flat light which may or may not work with the look your going for. Using #strobist techniques we positioned some #canon speedlites in the background to sun up the scene…

Photo: Chris David Photography; Model: Sharna Southan, Hair & Makeup: Leisa Stephenson, 
Wardobe: Gerry Shaw

BTS Sharna Southan for Mrs Australia Shoot

Behind the Scenes video of photoshoot for Sharna Southan – Mrs Australia Finalist 2011
Model: Sharna Southan
Photography: Chris David Photography
Hair & Makeup: Leisa Stephenson
Wardobe: Gerry Shaw dresses provided by Guise Fashion
Photo Assistant: Phillip Valenzuela

“The World Will Break”
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